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Points With a Point

Scoring in Fencing


Scott Barbour / Getty Images


Scott Barbour / Getty Images
The foil fencer on the left is using a whip-like motion with the flexible blade to score a touch on the opponent's back. In foil, the back is a legal target down to the waist. Wiring will allow the electronic scoring system to register the hit for one point, which, since 2006, is subject to a video replay. In an individual bout, the first fencer to record 15 touches wins. If neither records 15 touches by the end of the third three-minute period, the fencer with the most touches wins. The official will halt the action after a touch is scored, after fencer is touched on an area off limits (a white light goes off, but no point is awarded) in foil, or if there's some kind of infraction, such as dangerous play.
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