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Men's Middleweight (67.5 - 75 kg) Greco-Roman

Complete list of Olympic medalists for the Men's middleweight (67.5 kg - 75 kg) Greco-Roman

By Jedd Rosche

(LifeWire) - Complete list of gold, silver and bronze Olympic medal wrestlers from the Men's Middleweight (67.5 - 75 kg) Freestyle competition for the Summer Olympic Games. The event was first played at the 1908 London games, and continued to be played until the 1996 Atlanta games, after which it was replaced by the Men's 74 - 84 kg Freestyle event.

  • 1908

    GOLD Frithiof M. Martensson, SWE

    SILVER Mauritz Andersson, SWE

    BRONZE Anders Andersen, DEN

  • 1912

    GOLD Claes Johansson, SWE

    SILVER Martin Klein, RUS

    BRONZE Alfred Asikainen, FIN

  • 1920

    GOLD Carl Westergren, SWE

    SILVER Arthur Lindfors, FIN

    BRONZE Matti Pertila, FIN

  • 1924

    GOLD Edward Wilhelm Westerlund, FIN

    SILVER Arthur Lindfors, FIN

    BRONZE Roman Steinberg, EST

  • 1928

    GOLD Vaino Anselmi Kokkinen, FIN

    SILVER L. Papp, HUN

    BRONZE Albert Kusnets, EST

  • 1932

    GOLD Vaino Anselmi Kokkinen, FIN

    SILVER Jean Foldeak, GER

    BRONZE Axel Cadier, SWE

  • 1936

    GOLD Ivar Johansson, SWE

    SILVER Ludwig Schweikert, GER

    BRONZE Jozsef Palotas, HUN

  • 1948

    GOLD Axel Gronberg, SWE

    SILVER Muhlis Tayfor, TUR

    BRONZE Ercole Gallegati, ITA

  • 1952

    GOLD Axel Gronberg, SWE

    SILVER Kalervo Juhani Rauhala, FIN

    BRONZE Nikolai Belov, URS

  • 1956

    GOLD Givi Kartoziya, URS

    SILVER Dimitre Dimitrov Dobrev, BUL

    BRONZE Rune Jansson, SWE

  • 1960

    GOLD Dimitre Dimitrov Dobrev, BUL

    SILVER Lothar Metz, EUA

    BRONZE Ion Taranu, ROV

  • 1964

    GOLD Branislav Simic, YUG

    SILVER Jiri Kormanik, TCH

    BRONZE Lothar Metz, GDR

  • 1968

    GOLD Lothat Metz, GDR

    SILVER Valentin Oleinik, URS

    BRONZE Branislav Simic, YUG

  • 1972

    GOLD Csaba Hegedus, HUN

    SILVER Anatoli Nazarenko, URS

    BRONZE Milovan Nenadic, YUG

  • 1976

    GOLD Momir Petkovic, YUG

    SILVER Vladimir Cheboksarov, URS

    BRONZE Ivan Kolev, BUL

  • 1980

    GOLD Gennadi Korban, URS

    SILVER Jan Dolgowicz, POL

    BRONZE Pavel Pavlov, BUL

  • 1984

    GOLD Ion Draica, ROV

    SILVER Demetrios Thanopoulos, GRE

    BRONZE Soren Claeson, SWE

  • 1988

    GOLD Mikhail Mamiashvili, URS

    SILVER Tibor Komaromi, HUN

    BRONZE Sang-Kyu Kim, KOR

  • 1992

    GOLD Peter Farkas, HUN

    SILVER Piotr Stepien, POL

    BRONZE Daoulet Tourlykhanov, EUN

  • 1996

    GOLD Hamza Yerlikaya, TUR

    SILVER Thomas Zander, GER

    BRONZE Valeriy Tsilent, BLR

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LifeWire, a part of The New York Times Company, provides original and syndicated online lifestyle content. Jedd Rosche is a journalism student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He went to high school in Greenville and Beaufort, S.C.
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